School Uniform

Supplier: School & Leisure Willowbridge, 021 914 0495
All comments with regards to price, quality and availability of the school uniform must be put in writing and directed to the principal.


Meisies Seuns
Wit, kortmou, oopnek hemp Wit, kortmou oopnek hemp met sakwapen
Blou geruite pinafore met wapen Grys kort- of langbroek
Skooloortrektrui Skooloortrektrui
Wit skoolsokkies met rooi en blou strepe, of
net wit skoolsokkies
Grys skoolsokkies
Swart skoolskoene Swart skoolskoene


Indien seuns nie die kortmou hemp met sakwapen dra nie, moet die skooldas daarby gedra word. ‘n Skooltrui mag gedra word sonder ‘n das of baadjie. Indien die trui uitgetrek word, moet die hemp ‘n sakwapen hê. In die somer hoef die baadjie en die das nie tydens saalbyeenkomste gedra word nie.


Meisies Boys
Wit hemp en skooldas Wit hemp en skooldas
Blou geruite pinafore of voorgeskrewe grys langbroek Grys kort- of langbroek
Wit skoolsokkies of broekiekouse (grys of blackmail) Grys skoolsokkies
Skoolbaadjie en skooltrui of -oortrektrui Skoolbaadjie en skooltrui of -oortrektrui
Swart skoolskoene Swart skoolskoene

The school jersey or pullover is optional, but may not be worn without the blazer.
No tracksuit tops, windbreakers or other jerseys may be worn with the school uniform. On rainy days protective rain wear in royal blue or white may be worn over the school uniform. At the school it must be taken off.
In winter learners must wear the full school uniform during assembly in the hall.

Sportswear: Most of the sportswear is available from the Copy room. Tog bags and tracksuits are available from the supplier.
No ski pants may be worn underneath any sportswear.

Bookcases: All Grade 8 – 11 learners are required to purchase the prescribed book case at the school. The cost of the bookcase is available from the Financial Office. This book case forms part of the school uniform. No slogans, sketches or stickers are allowed on bookcases. The learner’s name must be displayed in the inside of the case. No sling bags are allowed.

General: The prescribed school uniform must be worn in the accepted manner from the time the learner leaves home in the morning until he/she reaches it again in the afternoon. All clothes must be clearly marked.

The school tracksuit may be worn at athletics meetings, on the way to and from sport practices and at home matches (only u.14, u.15 and u.16).
A neat rain jacket or rain suit in white or royal blue (available at SCHOOL) is a necessity during the rainy season.
Learners are only allowed to wear school scarves.
The school has a clothing bank where second-hand school clothes are bought and sold.


Only one medium sized silver or gold sleeper or plain stud may be worn per ear and in the normal place in the earlobe. No other jewellery, make-up or long nails are allowed. Nails may not be longer than 2mm. Colourless nail varnish may be worn.

Long hair must be tied back neatly with royal blue, white, red or grey ribbons, toweling elastics or gathered fabric elastics (scrunchies). Hair combs or Alice bands of the correct colour are also allowed. Hair must be tied neatly and tightly, not loosely, and must be off the face at all times. Clips must be used to keep hair out of the face. Fringes must be at least one finger-width above the eyebrows.

Hair may not be dyed, bleached or styled unnaturally. No faddish styles are allowed, e.g. rasta or dreadlocks. Permed hair or steps are allowed only if it is neat.

If the hair is combed down above the ear, the hair may not hang over the upper edge of the ear. It may also not be so thick that it falls over the ear.

If the fringe is combed forward, it must be at least one finger-width above the eyebrows.

The hair in the neck must be layered smoothly upwards, hugging the shape of the head. No steps are allowed. The natural hairline in the neck is an indication of the acceptable length of the hair, on condition that the hair does not hang over the collar of the shirt or blazer.

Hair may not be dyed, bleached, permed or faddishly styled. Hair may not be cut unnaturally short. If gel, mousse or similar products are used, the hair must still appear natural. The hairstyle and hair colour must at all times contribute to the neat appearance of the boys at Monument Park High School.

No long nails are allowed.