Situated on the Kraaifontein parklands, Monument Park High School prides itself in knowing that nothing but excellence ought to be pursued in the classroom, on the sports field and in any other sense that culturally would bring out the best in our youth. We are a God-fearing people and fundamentally base our teaching on strong religious principles. We accommodate learning in both Afrikaans and English and our curriculum covers almost every possible subject and subject combination.

The school boasts a real modern building with under-roof walkways throughout its winding passages. Apart from its spacious classrooms, we have a library, science rooms, computer rooms, music facilities and an array of educational-breathing surroundings that encourage our learners to only excel academically. No wonder we more than often produce a 100% pass rate in matric and students who eventually become high flyers at tertiary institutions and beyond.

On the sports field we are tops. Our trophy cupboard bears witness to outstanding performances in rugby, athletics, netball, cricket, hockey, chess, tennis, badminton, and cross country. We regularly produce boys and girls who earn WP, Boland, and SA-colours, because here we lay the foundation for sharp and dedicated teenagers who are preparing themselves for even more excellent performances out there.

Even in cultural activities, such as debate- and public speaking competitions, we walk tall. Our beautiful school hall often sees actors, singers, dancers and musicians born. We strongly believe that our school needs to address each and every facet of the lives of our beautiful young people, and we prefer to do it in style.

After almost twenty five years in existence, Monument Park is way up there in all aspects of the educational fraternity in the Western Cape. We look forward to welcoming you as a new learner and new parents to our stronghold.