Apart from daily oral or written class tests, standardized tests are written regularly to ensure learners’ constant dedication in all subjects. The system of continuous assessment means that all marks obtained for tests, tasks and practical work form a part of each term’s report mark as well as the final promotion mark at the end of the year.

Proper parental supervision, their own place to study and positive motivational support contribute to the academic success of learners.

Formal examinations in Grade 8 to Grade 12 are written in June, September (only Grade 12 learners write a formal examination in September) and November. Optimal achievement in all tests and formal examinations is of the utmost importance and can be used should a learner be unable to write the final examination due to illness.

The role of parents is once again emphasized in terms of regular attendance of parents’ evenings, regular contact with subject teachers, regular checking of learners’ work books, homework books and test results and sympathetic, yet firm, discipline.
Guidance and subject assistance
We have a full time Social Worker to advise learners on subject choice, study methods, study and job opportunities and personal problems.

Subject teachers continually provide guidance to learners to ensure ultimate success in their specific subjects. In addition, teachers are available between 14:30 and 15:00 every day to help learners with problems in their subjects.

Parents are invited to contact the principal, counselor or subject teacher whenever academic or other problems arise.

The eye, hand and heart of every teacher watch over learners’ work every day.

Every learner must strive to achieve the best results according to his or her ability.

Daily academic application is essential for success.

Academic excellence is the highest priority as Monument Park High School.