Code of Honour

Code of Honour of Monument Park High School

We as parents, learners and staff of Monument Park High School believe in the Almighty God who enables us to perform our task as educators and teachers in all humility. We believe in:

  • Daily honest and hard work as the road to optimal achievement.
  • The educational partnership of school, home and church with the child at the center.
  • Continued contact between school and home and parental involvement of the highest quality.
  • The balanced development of the child on academic, sport and cultural levels.
  • Mutual respect, excellent inter-personal relationships and exemplary conduct.

School Rules

In order to fit in easily without any uncertainty, it is essential that each new learner should have a thorough knowledge of the school rules.

The school rules are contained in a specific code of behaviour, namely:

  • An endeavour to promote the image of the school wherever the school is represented.
  • Irreproachable behaviour in any place and at all times.
  • The optimal development of intellectual and physical abilities and skills to the advantage of the learner, school and community and granting others the same opportunities.
  • Acting as a responsible ambassador of the school in any place and at all times.
  • Acceptance of the written and unwritten rules of the school and submission to the discipline and order of the school.
  • Promotion of parental involvement and acceptance of the school rules at enrollment.

Only through faith and hard work (Fide et Laboré) can we ensure, together, that the image of our learners, parents and teachers endorse the motto of the school.

  • Parents should note the following:
  • When a learner is absent, a letter or medical certificate must be submitted on the learner’s return to school.
  • Parents can see educators or the principal by making an appointment via the secretary.
  • Learners are expected to wear the prescribed school uniform. Special exemption will be granted on written request from parents.
  • Coats, windbreakers and other civilian clothes are not worn in the school building or outside with school uniform.
  • Appointments for medical or other purposes should preferably not be made during school hours.

Cell phones and other electronic devices are not regarded as essential to the academic program of the school and as such are prohibited. Should a learner use a cell phone or it rings during contact time, it will be confiscated and a fine of R100 is payable. The cellphone will be returned to the learner at the end of the term. The school does not take any responsibility for any cell phone that gets lost or gets stolen.

There are specific school rules that are applicable to behavior inside and outside the school building, lining-up procedures, bookcases and school property, school attendance and participation in sport and extra-mural activities. A copy of the complete set of school rules is available from the principal.

Disciplinary System

To facilitate formal teaching, the school implements a system of discipline and control. When enforcing this, the emphasis is on co-operation. Under the new dispensation, parents and learners are co-responsible for maintaining values and norms within the school and community.

There is a system of control cards through which a learner can be monitored, in order to pay greater individual attention to his/her behavior and/or academic work.

Repeated transgressions or transgressions of a serious nature can also be referred to the Governing Body.